Privacy Policy



Oleksandr Haluzynskyi takes care of his customers’ data safety. Hence, he has elaborated this Confidentiality policy for you not to worry about your personal data provided while using the

Providing your personal data at the web-site, you give your consent for the processing of all provided data for providing you appropriate services, as stipulated by the Public Offer. Appropriate services also mean a possibility of your personal data provision to adjacent physicians, clinical laboratories, diagnostic departments, receptionists who manage patients’ visits, and others involved into the process of the treatment.

Providing your personal data at our web-site, you confirm that you are aware of your rights as a subject of personal data according to article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”. The list is available under the link:




1.1. When we ask you to provide your personal data on our web-site, we ask only for the scope of them necessary for services and feedback. We reserve the right to ask for additional personal data necessary to provide you with high-quality and timely healthcare services.

1.2. Cookies – when you enter our web-site, we send one or several Cookie files to you PC or other gadget. We use Cookie files to enhance and accelerate our services.

1.3. Information on visit – when you visit the web-site, our servers automatically record some information. These server journals could contain such data as web-request, IP-address, type and language of your browser, date and time of the request.

1.4. Partner website services are those provided by us but associated with other web-sites and institutions. Personal information you have provided to such websites could be shared with us for rendering these services. We process such information according to this Confidentiality Policy.




2.1. We can share the access to your personal data with other persons exclusively upon your consent and in following restricted circumstances:

2.1.1. We have your consent. To share any confidential information, we need your expressed (direct) written or oral consent.

2.1.2. We have reasonable grounds to consider that access, use, storage, or disclosure of such information are necessary for: compliance with laws of Ukraine, including the disclosure of information on demand of individuals and legal entities, institutions and organization of any subordination, who are entitled to obtain such information under Ukrainian laws; investigations of potential infringements of this Public Offer, requiring to provide your information in response to the appropriate advocate’s request with the information about the infringement; disclosure and prevention of fraudulent actions, solving security issues, elimination of technical mistakes in functioning of the services; defense against the direct hazard to the projects’ rights and assets, its users or public within the laws of Ukraine.




3.1. The project does not store personal data of its visitors and users on its web-site and is not responsible for its reliability.




4.1. This Confidentiality Policy may change from time to time. Any changes to this Confidentiality Policy shall be published on this page.