On August 01, 2022, a Cabinet of Arthrology established by Haluzynskyi Oleksandr Anatoliiovych is opening in the premises of Kyiv Center of Orthopedics and Regenerative Medicine “Orthodoc”.

Published: 17.08.2022
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On August 01, 2022, a Cabinet of Arthrology established and headed by Haluzynskyi Oleksandr Anatoliiovych is opening in the premises of Kyiv Center of Orthopedics and Regenerative Medicine “Orthodoc”. Haluzynskyi Oleksandr Anatoliiovych, PhD in medicine, orthopedic and trauma surgeon of the highest category, oncologist (over 20 years of experience, 65 publications, 6 patents, a member of SICOT and Ukrainian Association of Orthopedists-Traumatologists).  


Arthrologist - is a well-qualified specialist, focused on a complex treatment of joint diseases. This is the doctor you should visit if you have troubles with your joints. The specialist will assess general conditions, carry out examination, appoint supplement diagnostics and laboratory tests, if required. Arthrologist provides conservative treatment, and surgical one in more severe cases – from an arthroscopy to extra complex surgeries of oncologic lesions to bones and joint.


Main focuses of conservative and surgical therapies:

  • - medication
  • - regenerative technologies using stem cells
  • - physiotherapy, SPA, therapeutic exercises
  • - initial and revision arthroplasties of hips and knees
  • - onkological endoprostheses
  • - osteosynthesis of long bones’ fractures with metal constructions
  • - surgical treatment of fracture nonunions and incorrect unions
  • - removal of musculoskeletal tumors
  • - treatment of neurogenous joint ossifications


Who is an arthrologist?

An orthopedic surgeon of a high qualification and reach work experience, managing patients with diseases, traumatic and degenerative-dystrophic disorders, congenital and acquired deformities of joint (articular tissues, ligaments and tendons). This doctor’s professional expertise covers:

  • - diagnosing diseases of a joint and its tissues;
  • - treatment to pathologic processes in joints;
  • - conservative and surgical therapy;
  • - prescribing specific physiotherapeutic procedures.


Before the treatment starts, an arthrologist needs laboratory (clinical) examinations and imaging done. Additional examinations ensure maximum accuracy of the diagnosis and the most efficient therapy.


What does an arthrologist treats?

An arthrologist manages problems of a joint, provoked by changes in its structure, distorted functions. The difference between a rheumatologist and an arthrologist is that the last one mostly copes with large joints:

  • - ankle;
  • - knee;
  • - hip;
  • - wrist;
  • - elbow;
  • - shoulder


An arthrologist must also have wide knowledge on spine and nervous diseases to differentiate their disorders from pathological conditions, directly affecting joints and musculoskeletal system.


An arthrologist is a narrow-profile expert, who diagnose and treat joints and surrounding tissues.


A scope of business of an arthrologist covers a wide range of pathologies and traumas, over 100 disorders of both local and systemic character. The list of diseases related to Arthrology includes:

  • - periarthritis;
  • - osteoarthroses and arthritis, including rheumatoid ones;
  • - spondyloarthritis;
  • - Crohn’s disease;
  • - Ankylosing spondylitis;
  • - Aseptic osteonecrosis;
  • - gout;
  • - osteoporosis;
  • - systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • - autoimmune diseases affecting connective tissue;

and many others.


Attention! Self-diagnosing and self-medication based on symptoms are highly unadvisable and dangerous for your health. If a disease transforms from an acute to a chronical form, it may affect other structures of your body.

1 серпня 2022 року на базі київського Центру ортопедії та регенеративної медицини «Ортодок», відкривається Кабінет артрології, засновником та провідним спеціалістом якого став Галузинський Олександр Анатолійович – кандидат медичних наук, лікар ортопед-травматолог вищої категорії, онколог (Стаж роботи більше 20 років, автор 65 друкованих наукових праць, 6 патентів. Член SICOT та української асоціації ортопедів травматологів).

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