Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment

Arthroscopy of joints

Arthroscopy is a minimal-invasive surgical intervention

Corrective supratubercular tibial osteotomy

Corrective supratubercular tibial osteotomy. The essence of the operation is the oblique bone cut (osteotomy) above the own patellar ligament’s fixation to the tubercle of a tibia. After the elimination of the deformity, the bone should be fixed with a special shaped titanium plate.

Osteosynthesis or metal osteosynthesis in bone fractures’ treatment

Metal osteosynthesis (MOS of fractures) is one of the fundamental methods to manage unstable long bone fractures and in many situations - the only remedy available (putting aside replacing a damaged joint). It enables correct healing in severe situations like intraarticular fractures with impairments of cartilage surface integrity, comminuted fractures with significant fragments' displacements and large bone defects.

Endoprosthetic surgery

Endoprosthetic surgery. Such a surgery is necessary if it is impossible to preserve the patient’s natural joint: 3-4 stage of coxarthrosis, 3-5 phase of a femoral head aseptic necrosis, subcapital femoral neck fracture in senior patients, etc.

Surgical treatment of bon eand joint tumors

Benign tumors removal within the limits of a healthy bone takes place as an independent surgical intervention (e.g. osteochondroma) or combined with a preventive osteosynthesis (to strengthen the bone).

Customized endoprostheses

A customized (or custom-made) prosthesis is a tailored prosthesis developed and manufactured considering specific anatomical features of an individual patient.